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We are here to do everything to make your wedding day unforgettable.

We are aware that:

  • a wedding and a wedding reception are unique events,
  • on this day everything has to be exceptional,
  • apart from the elegance and the aesthetics of the place, the food is very important,
  • the music has to match your expectations.

You can visit us at Jabłoń to discuss all the details. In a group of our consultants we will choose the best menu, find a way to provide you with the most beautiful decoration, and we will find musicians who will play until the morning.

Below you will find the answer to the most frequently asked questions. We believe that will dissipate your initial doubts.

What rooms can you offer to the Bride and the Groom? How many people can participate in a wedding reception?
A wedding reception at Jabłoń Lake Resort can take place in several places, depending on its character and the number of the invited guests. The biggest room can accommodate up to 120 people, the smaller ones will be perfect for up to 100 and 80 people. The number of people which can fit into the place selected by the Bride and the Groom also depends on the type and layout of tables.

Is there a possibility to organise a wedding reception in the winter?
We will prepare a magical, white wedding reception for you. When the snow covers the ground behind the windows, we will create a warm atmosphere full of love. It can include a great bonfire during the wedding reception or a marvellous sleigh ride with torches.
If you choose to book all of our rooms, we will prepare special prices for accommodation.

Can the Bride and the Groom relax before or after the wedding reception? What discounts can you offer in your cosy Wellness Zone?
In order to make the moments just before the wedding stay in your memories forever, we invite you to our cosy Wellness Zone, where our consultants will choose appropriate treatments for you and offer you a cup of herbal tea which will increase their effects. We will prepare SPA packages just for you which can be used as a gift – a great way to say thank you to your parents or selected guests. The services at that time will be subject to a special discount.

Is there a separate menu for vegetarians or allergy sufferers?
Of course, we can prepare a special menu for vegetarians, vegans, allergy sufferers or people on a diet. In this case, the most important thing is to inform us about the number of such people and their seats. Special versions of the menu do not affect the price.

Is the wedding cake provided by Jabłoń Lake Resort?
The cake is included in the wedding menu. The type, the size and the price of the cake is determined individually. It can also be delivered by the Bride and the Groom without additional costs. In such a case we will need a proof of purchase of the cake.

We propose two solutions:

  1. The alcohol is purchased from the hotel. The price depends on the products and the values of the ordered menu, therefore it is settled for every event individually.
  2. The alcohol for the wedding reception is provided by the Bride and Groom. In such a situation we charge the so-called corkage fee of PLN 30 per person.

Additionally, the bottles with the alcohol delivered to us have to have valid excise stamps and a receipt or a VAT invoice confirming the legality of the purchase.

What beverages can we expect?
Coffee, tea, juice, water, sodas – the products and the amount are determined individually. The price of beverages “per person” depends on the products and the range and value of the ordered menu.

Does Jabłoń prepare wedding decorations?
The basic floral decoration of tables is included in the price of a wedding reception. We also have contact details to professional decorators who, for an additional charge, can decorate the tables and the room according to all your expectations.

Does Jabłoń provide music, too?
We leave it to you. Musical tastes and preferences are a very personal matter. You know best what music you expect. We have contact details to the best DJs, musicians and bands.

Is there a possibility to accommodate the Bride and the Groom and their guests?
The Bride and the Groom receive a beautiful room for this night as a gift. The invited guests have 50 rooms at their disposal (single, double, and triple rooms).

Is it possible to rent the Jabłoń Lake Resort facilities for our exclusive use?
Of course. We are at your disposal. All the details regarding the exclusive rental are discussed during a meeting.

Do you organise stag and hen parties?
For such occasions we have prepared a special Package „For a wife-to-be and her girlfriends”. We remain open to your ideas for particular evenings – our job is to make them real.

Can we organise a wedding after-party, too?
The form of an after-party which is chosen most often is a late breakfast. Some of our guests decide to organise their wedding after-parties as outdoor events – it all depends on the pre-made arrangements.

When should we make an advance payment?
An advance payment which guarantees booking of a specific date should be paid within 7 days from conclusion of the agreement. The advance payment amount is from PLN 2,000 to 4,000, depending on the size of the booked room and the total order value. The remaining amount for organisation of the wedding reception and the schedule of payments are agreed in detail before signing the agreement.

Are you able to provide an activity organiser for children?
At your request, we will provide an activity organiser for children older than 4 years of age. A separated part of rooms over the Ginger Orchard [Imbirowy Sad] Restaurant is a perfect place for fun and games for children, and a great spot for parents to keep an eye on them.

Is there a possibility to assign the places at the table to specific guests?
The places for your Guests can be marked with name cards prepared by our staff or with the cards delivered by the Bride and the Groom. The name cads and the guest list with a seating chart should be delivered to us not later than 3 days before the scheduled reception. Our team will place the name cards according to the seating chart.

If you have any questions, please contact us:
+48 669 131 398