At Jabłoń we love MEETINGS.


At the Christmas table. We prepare spicy herring, aromatic borscht with home-made dumplings, and you share a Christmas wafer.

During ceremonial dinners and birthdays with friends and family.

We celebrate christening and First Communion receptions.

We go wild during stag and hen parties, in a hot tub with a glass of champagne in hand.

We celebrate “diamond weddings” in a newlyweds’ room, on a pier, by candlelight, with a bouquet of roses – why not!

We have fun during bridge, tennis, and cross-country skiing tournaments, grasping the Winner Cup!

On a sleigh ride, speeding among the trees of the Pisz Forest, with horses and bells. Later we warm up by a bonfire, drinking home-made tinctures.

On a hammock, with friends during holidays…


Meet us at Jabłoń. You just have to be here with us.